2003 Sea-Doo Recreation GTI™ LE


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Russell Marine - Kowaliga Marina
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Recreation GTI™ LE


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Key Features
• Dual convex mirrors are mounted high on the storage cover and allows the operator to see the entire riding environment, and allows the operator to easily view skiers, wakeboarders, and other towables.
• Large 90mm analog speedometer and fuel gauge keeps operator totally informed about the watercraft's speed and fuel level, with the addition of a low oil level warning light.
• The Sea-Doo O.P.A.S¿ (Off-Power Assisted Steering) system automatically deploys dual rudders during off-power and off-throttle situations, giving you additional maneuverability.

Standard Features
• 718 cc Rotax® Marine: Reliable performance in fresh or salt water.
• Carburetor with Accelerator Pump: Better acceleration and performance, less exhaust fumes at idle speed.
• Handlebar-Mounted Start / Stop Button: user-friendly engine start and stops with one control button.
• High-Performance Tuned Pipe: Provides increased horsepower.
• Overheat Warning Device
• RPM Limiter: Protects engine from over-revving.
• Rotary Valve Intake: Optimizes fuel and air intake for maximum power.
• Variable Rate Oil Injection (VROI): Delivers optimal oil-to-fuel ratio at all RPM and throttle positions.
• Water Cooling: Helps provide long engine life.
• Watertight CDI: Provides optimal energy for a consistent spark, ensuring maximum performance.
• 3-Up Seat: Comfortable room for 3 - permits spotter for waterskiing.
• Analog Fuel Gauge: Informs of fuel level and warns of low injection oil level.
• Analog Speedometer
• Bow & Stern Eyes: Designed for towing or securing craft to a trailer or dock.
• Bumpers: Help protect watercraft from damage while tied to a dock or another craft.
• Cooling System Indicator (CSI): Visual check of proper system.
• D-Sea-Bel¿: Sound reduction system that quiets your ride.
• Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS¿): Industry's first digitaly encoded theft deterrent system.
• Elevated Fuel Filter: Easy access and prevents water intrusion while refueling.
• Extended-Range Fuel Tank: (15 US gallons)
• Fiberglass-Reinforced: Strong, light and easy to maintain.
• Floating Safety Lanyard: Stops engine in manual and emergency situations.
• Foam Flotation: Ride with security and peace of mind. Meets or exceeds USCG standards.
• Grab Handle: For easy reboarding and as a passenger handhold.
• Large Storage Compartment: Abundant room for supplies on extended cruises.
• Non-Skid Decking
• Non-Slip Hand Grips: For added control and comfort.
• Off-Power-Assisted Steering (O.P.A.S.¿): Assists steering during off power-power, as well as off-throttle situations.
• Operators Guide, Instructional Video & Safety Booklet: Informs you of boating regulations, care, maintenance and operating features.
• Reboarding Platform: For easy and comfortable mounting of the craft in deep water.
• Reserve Fuel Supply: Provides supplemental source for continued operation.
• Seat Strap: Aids in reboarding from water.
• Semi-V Design: Ensures a stable ride at low speed, a smooth ride at high speed, and greater maneuverability.
• Sponsons: For improved handling.
• Temporary Docking Loops: Provide access for quick tie-up.
• Warranty: Bombardier limited warranty covers watercraft for one year.
• Water / Air Separator: Provides maximum airflow to engine and reduces water intrusion.
• Watertight Storage Compartment: Provides storage for fire extinguisher and necessities with easy access.
• Bombardier Formula Water Jet Pump: Delivers matched performance with the Rotax® engine.
• Composite Stator Vanes: Handles the high-performance engine without erosion.
• Drive Shaft: with crowned spline design / Maintains engine and pump alignment at all operating speeds.
• Forward / Neutral / Reverse: Safe operation while docking or towing.
• Replaceable Urethane Wear Ring: Provides long impeller life, less maintenance and maximum thrust.
• Stainless Steel Impeller: Delivers improved acceleration, higher top speed and less cavitation.
• Two Automatic Vacuum Siphon Pumps: Continuously remove water entering the engine compartment.